Memorandum 001 Alpha Locked

Date: 11/29/24
User: Omega-5-1
Subject: 001

We did it, then. We managed the impossible. We spat in the face of God and took his throne for our own.

It is a glorious new day.

5 was right about spreading the anomaly around a group. Even with all of the reinforcements we had made to the previous test subjects, the amount of energy that ███ managed to pump into their bodies was too much. Can't tell you how many D-Class we had to clean up off the floor after watching their skin melt off their bones, and their bones carbonize and blow away like dust. Dozens? Hundreds? I don't know. More than we were expecting, and more than the Foundation was willing to allow, even for a project like this.

13 has expressed regret over what we did in San Marco, but 13 is shortsighted, and the Administrator is shortsighted. The deaths of a few, even the deaths of many, in order to protect the world from annihilation? It is nothing, and less. Those children are gods now, their lives committed to a higher purpose. What life is better than that of the omnipotent?

Testing begins tomorrow. Can you hear it?

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