Log 084 A4
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Record of observed anomalous events relating to SCP-084

Detailed observation made of the “grass plane” making up the majority of the active area. The plane appears to be made of one ten (10) meter by ten (10) meter section of grass, repeated endlessly to make up the plane. Sections appear to be randomly “rotated” as they are formed, causing sections of grass and small ground variations to line up incorrectly.

Few non-human organisms appear to exist within the active area. Those outside the active area avoid it, and appear to “vanish” shortly after entering. Animals observed inside the active area appear normal, but behave strangely. Shuddering movements, sudden “shivering”, repetitive “loops” and other abnormal actions appear to indicate these may not be actual animals. Most animals appear to “flicker” and vanish after 3-4 hours.

Vocal communication is difficult within the active area. Vocal communication appears normal within five meters of the speaking subject, with reports of a slightly “muffled” quality reported commonly. Outside of five meters, subjects appear to be speaking from a great distance with a great deal of echoing. Reports of speech being heard several seconds after the subject has stopped speaking, and speech occurring with no subjects speaking are also not uncommon.

Detailed observation of the “radio tower” is impossible due to the inability to physically reach it, and the effect of the “broadcast” on most observational equipment. Basic telescope or binoculars systems show the tower to be “hazy” and “static-fogged”, while more advanced equipment is subject to the “anomalous broadcast” effect.

Weather patterns, as well as basic day/night cycles, appear to be totally random. Overhead sky will randomly cycle between day, night, clear, and other weather patterns. Relative sun and cloud position appear random as well, with frequent “flickering” and “blurring” between different states.

Physical alteration or damage to anything within the active area is impossible. Actions such as digging, demolition, and new constructions will suddenly “blur” and be “reset” to their previous unaltered state at random points. Subjects inside a “reset” structure, such as inside a hole, will become instantly trapped and “fused”.

Humans in the active area around SCP-084 exhibit some of the more striking and easily observed reality distortion effects. These include:

  • Sudden “blurring” of limbs or head, appearing to suddenly gyrate at violently high speed for several seconds before ending. Subjects experience no pain, and are often unaware of this phenomenon.
  • “Looping”, typically manifested as the repeating of eight (8) to twenty (20) seconds of time. Subjects will go through an action (example: exiting a doorway, picking up an article of clothing), then suddenly “freeze” and “flicker”, then return to the original starting position of the “loop” and repeat the action, even if this involves a sudden “teleportation” of significant distance. Rarely, subjects appear to become caught in a permanent loop.
  • Observation and interrogation of subjects in ██████████ █████ show that basic human needs, such as food, water, and sleep are no longer required after prolonged exposure to the active area. Some subjects report not having eaten or drank for (they believe) five (5) years. One elderly subject also reports having made two thousand, one hundred and ten (2,110) unsuccessful suicide attempts.
  • Subjects will sometimes be able to pass through solid matter without incident. These periods appear to last for random periods of time, and begin and end without warning. Subjects “inside” solid matter when the period ends will become trapped or “fused” until the period resumes. One subject reports being trapped below the waist in a wall for two (2) years.
  • Extreme psychological distress is observed after long-term exposure. The transmissions [DATA EXPUNGED] barrier, which is compromised over long-term exposure. Subjects in advanced “reception” states typically “reset” after several months.

Recorded transmissions show a slight [DATA EXPUNGED] cycles overall. Attempting to catalog and record these broadcasts has therefore been remanded to autonomous systems, to preclude any additional loss of Foundation personnel.

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