Level 6 Clearance Needed

I'm sorry, have we been Reclaimed?

We can see the other side, things are different but we take it in stride

proposalistheneworderofimmediately, research on existing K-Class objects is to be rolled back, and established at the basis needed to contain, rather than propagate. We've had too many casualties from the disasters, and it's time to move back to the way things were before the


Wash operations have been vastly expanded. Every object within Olympia itself is fully contained, and thanks to red we have prevented any real events overmanydays. Further information on new containing strategies can be found in you. Smile.

Things aren't as bad as they used to be. We've got color working again, and I heard that pretty soon they're going to start putting the feelings back in people. If you see the seventh bride, tell her I'm sorry she had to open the box. Maybe she'll remember it.

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