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This phenomenon consists of two parts: the murder of the Foundation Mobile Task Force designated Lambda-5, and the individual responsible.

Mobile Task Force Lambda-5 (also known as "White Rabbits") is sent by the Foundation to contain the individual, and they subsequently die at his hands by various reality-bending methods. The corpses of the Task Force members are then transported to a different, random timeline.


Existence of the Foundation. Formation of Mobile Task Force Lambda-5 “White Rabbits”.

From my observations, it seems that the following individuals need to exist to form Lambda-5. I will be referring to these individuals as “core members”, as they figure prominently in my notes.

Core Members:

Alex Henderson
Jacob Wilder
Patrick Carter

There are other members of the task force, too, though they aren’t necessary for the formation of the phenomena. Their names are Valeria Luna, Jun-Seo Park, Troy Wight, and Willow Marshall. Additionally, the only thing that seems to remain constant between manifestations are the names. I’ve seen Henderson show up as a woman on a couple occasions. Whether this would make “existence of nomenclature consistent with the given names of core members” a prerequisite for the Lambda Killer is something else altogether. Lambda-Killer? Really? Are we really using titles now for the dangerous phenomena? God, this guy is annoying. I’ll take him out myself later. His powers could prove useful.

Instance: Timeline A-056:

Assembled Task Force included the core members and Luna. Died via asphyxiation. Death of Lambda-5, who were sent in by a senior researcher with no practical experience, spurred a revolutionary change among Foundation personnel, and eventually led to the restructuring of the O5 command system. The subsequent organization was unable to maintain communication easily between facilities and agents and was revealed to the public within a decade. Further events are chronicled in the A-056 timeline catalog.

Instance: Timeline A-134:

Assembled Task Force included the core members, Luna, Park, and Marshall, who died via chemical burns. They confronted the reality-bender at a university and the explosion killed a few civilians. I don’t know how many bystanders were caught, but I’d estimate the death toll at 10 or 15.

Instance: Timeline A-227:

Assembled Task Force included the core members, Park, and Wight. Cause of death was removal of all flesh and organs, leaving clean skeletons in MTF armor. The outer portions of the armor were painted with white Foundation emblems, covering every free part of armor. This might indicate desires for a security breach by the entity responsible.

Instance: Timeline B-009:

This was the timeline I used to live in. The Foundation sent the task force out to contain the person where he was staying, in the forest… I’m not sure who was in the task force, but it was at least four people. He killed all of them but one through some sort of pulse- it was as if he waved his arms and they all fell over, as if by a powerful blast. He grabbed the last one by the neck, I think he talked to them for a little bit, and then he threw the person away. They just vanished when they were thrown, I think they died in midair. I’m not really good with the catalogs yet, sorry if I messed anything up. That was pretty good, though you should give us some more precise numbers next time.

Instance: Timeline B-112:

I thought Adrelintha was supposed to have some other details on this timeline, but she hasn’t updated her records in quite some time. Anyway, in this instance several Foundation members were supposedly informed in advance about the nature of the entity, and Lambda-5 was accompanied by more military hardware than I’ve ever seen before. I wasn’t willing to get close enough to get precise numbers, but the death toll should have been approximately 50 or 60, counting the core members and a few of the unessentials present.

Instance: Timeline B-118:

I looked into this timeline myself. The Task Force included at least four members, though I couldn't identify who they were. From what I saw, there were at least two people attacking the Task Force. They were very efficient about it, too, using some kind of hand gesture to snap the soldiers' necks from a distance. I saw them carry off the bodies into an alley. They threw the bodies at a wall, and they just disappeared. I guess that's how they transport the corpses. …They? Plural? Do we have more than one person here? If there's many, then there might be one in each timeline. A reality-bender like that in every timeline? Are these even real people? Or is it just a phenomenon?

it would be kind of you to refer to me as a human even though i might not look it

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