Interview Log 022 751
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Each of the following interviews begin in much the same way; the instance of SCP-022-1 will typically be hysterical until Foundation personnel are able to calm/restrain them. These portions have been omitted.

Date: March █, 198█

Interviewee: SCP-022-1-2

Interviewer: Dr. ██████

Notes: SCP-022-1-2 was the second instance of SCP-022-1 that the Foundation discovered, the first having been destroyed on sight by Foundation agents. SCP-022-1-2 had the body of an Asian male, approximately 54 years old. Its chest had been stitched up, evidence of an autopsy.

Dr. ██████: Please identify yourself.
SCP-022-1-2: My…my name is John █████████. What…what the hell is going on?
Dr. ██████: That's what we're trying to figure out, John. How did you get to this… state?
SCP-022-1-2: I… I don't know. I was driving my car… coming home from…never mind. I was driving, and I crashed.
Dr. ██████: Then what happened?
SCP-022-1-2: Nothing! I woke up here! Please…this has to be [unintelligible].
Dr. ██████: So you remember being in a car accident, then woke up here in the morgue? Do you have any idea how you got here?
SCP-022-1-2: I didn't get here! Don't you get it! This isn't me! I'm not me!
Dr. ██████: What do you mean, "you aren't you"?
At this point SCP-022-1-2 became severely agitated and had to be physically restrained. This required six agents, due to the strength increase associated with instances of SCP-022-1. Eventually SCP-022-1-2 was calmed and the interview proceeded.
Dr. ██████: Now, would you please explain what you meant?
SCP-022-1-2: This. Is. Not. Me. I saw my reflection in the steel. I'm not some old Asian fuck! This isn't me!

Following the last statement, SCP-022-1-2 began to smash its head against the wall. Once further restrained, it began to scream unintelligibly for several hours before falling silent. It continued to struggle, though apparently unable to speak, for an additional six days until it finally ceased motion. During this time it continued decomposing at a natural rate. An examination of the body following this interview was unable to determine a cause of death, as many of the internal organs had been removed. The only injury that did not appear to be a result of a previous surgery/autopsy was a damaged trachea.

Date: March █, 198█

Interviewee: SCP-022-1-5

Interviewer: Dr. ██████

Notes: SCP-022-1-5 animated shortly after D-5619 was sent into SCP-022 and subsequently disappeared. SCP-022-1-5 had the body of an approximately 12-year-old female, missing its right arm and a large portion of its torso. Following the incident with SCP-022-1-3, all instances of SCP-022-1 are physically restrained before being introduced to valuable personnel, with SCP-022-1-5 being no exception.

Dr. ██████: Please state your name.
SCP-022-1-5: What did you bastards do to me?
Dr. ██████: Please state your name.
SCP-022-1-5: What the fuck did you do to me?!
Dr. ██████: We have done nothing to you, now please state your name.
SCP-022-1-5: You know who I fucking am!
Dr. ██████: Refresh my memory then, please.
SCP-022-1-5: I'm the guinea pig you just fucked up. Don't tell me you forgot me, Dr. Asshole.
Dr. ██████: …are you D-5619?
SCP-022-1-5: In the flesh. And for your information, jackass, my name is [REDACTED]! Now change me back you son of a bitch! Change me fucking back!

At this point Dr. ██████ asked SCP-022-1-5 several questions to verify its identity. Though its identity was confirmed to be that of D-5619, no further useful information was gained from SCP-022-1-5. It was kept in a holding cell until expiring two days later. After three weeks, the body of D-5619 animated as SCP-022-1-7. In a brief interview with SCP-022-1-7, it claimed to be an 89-year-old female.

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