Incident Report Yersinia 047 01 2010
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SCP Involved: SCP-047

Description: On 30/01/2010 at approximately 0300 hours, storage locker 047c (Site-██ lab 047b), containing bacterial samples mutated by SCP-047, was compromised after a complete simultaneous [DATA EXPUNGED], leading to failure of security measures in the area. Three (3) samples, of a total twelve (12), were stolen. [DATA EXPUNGED] since the initial containment break, outbreaks of one of the stolen bacterial strains, Propionibacterium 047-A, were recorded globally in communities of increasing size and population density. Further information on stolen material, spread, and containment follows.

Compromised Items: Propionibacterium 047-A, Streptococcus 047-C, and Clostridium 047-A. See SCP-047 for further information.

Outbreak information:

First Outbreak: P-047-A, 27/02/2010, Siberia. Contained: see Incident Report P047A-03-2010.

Second Outbreak: P-047-A, 30/03/2010, Northwest Territories (Canada). Contained: see Incident Report P047A-04-2010

Third Outbreak: P-047-A, 29/04/2010, South Australia. Contained: see Incident Report P047A-05-2010

Fourth Outbreak: P-047-A, 27/05/2010, Mato Grosso (Brazil). Believed contained: see Incident Report P047A-06-2010. Warning: Agents in the area are advised to familiarise themselves with the symptoms of P-047-A and be on the lookout for possible infection.

Fifth Outbreak: P-047-A, 26/06/2010, [REDACTED], Iraq. Site immediately [DATA EXPUNGED] which is believed to have contained the infection. Access to Incident Report denied without O5 clearance.

Sixth Outbreak: P-047-A, 26/07/2010, Cameroon. Quarantine enacted. Efforts to track outgoing civilians underway. Infection not contained. See Incident Report P047A-07-2010

Seventh Outbreak: P-047-A, 24/08/2010, Dalarna (Sweden). Quarantine enacted. Believed contained. See Incident Report P047A-08-2010. Warning: Agents in the area are advised to familiarise themselves with the symptoms of P-047-A and be on the lookout for possible infection.

Eighth Outbreak: Not recorded. Believed to have taken place in North Korea. [DATA EXPUNGED] Agents with government access are attempting to gain access to parallel information, but due to [DATA EXPUNGED] local services have been extremely uncooperative. Containment status unknown.

Ninth Outbreak: P-047-A, 23/10/2010, South Carolina (United States of America). Quarantine enacted. Efforts to track outgoing civilians primarily successful. One civilian in a pickup truck is believed to have [DATA EXPUNGED] Infection not contained.

Resolution: Reports from [DATA EXPUNGED] indicate no further outbreaks are believed likely, but Agents are advised to be on the lookout for new flareups resulting from uncontained civilians in previous outbreak regions; these may continue for years to come due to P-047-A sporulation. Investigation into the cause of the initial compromise is underway. Anyone with useful information may anonymously contact Security via the attached form.

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