Incident Report 5008 D

Date Filed: 1/3/2006
Date Of Occurrence: 1/2/2006
Location: Site-01, Thaumiel Wing, Sector 231
Anomaly Involved: SCP-5008
Personnel Involved: Junior Researchers Leyton and Ross
Report Filed By: Senior Researcher Lindsmith
Priority: Ekhi

There's no easy way to say this, so I'll just be straightforward with it: we found out where Leyton and Ross disappeared to. They hung themselves inside 5008.

Specifically, they hung themselves from the rafters inside the primary accelerator.11 How in God's name they managed to get in there, we don't know. All the service hatches were meant to have been sealed until the next internal check up (three months from now), and as far as the maintenance logs go, they were. According to forensics, their bodies are about 5 months dead, which leaves a whole month since they vanished unaccounted for. But that's not the worst part.

The only reason we found them before the scheduled check up was because we happened to be giving a tour to Professor Kzith Nbor, who was paying us a visit. Apparently, he did the Overseers a favor and wanted a look at the Keepers' last relic. He told us one of the service hatches was just barely misaligned, and he could smell, as he put it, "human orifice leakings" inside.

We had maintenance pry it open and found the two of them, entwined in the air, suspended by a single extension cord, without their clothes, swaying over a remarkably complex wheel,12 done in a mixture of their blood and, well, other fluids.

Fortunately, Nbor had the presence of mind to shove one of the techs off his ladder before he got a clear look at the thing. He broke his arm, but at least he won't have to be amnesticized.

We've had the wheel photographed and passed on to linguistics, and got some D-Class to mop it up. Also, as project leader, I’m officially removing 5008 from the active list of Thaumiels until we thoroughly review all of its activity over the past four months for any irregularities.

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