Incident Report 5008 A

Date Filed: 3/29/1998
Date Of Occurrence: 3/28/1998
Location: Site-01, B Wing, Thomas Kleppman Thaumatological Laboratory, Chamber 7
Anomaly Involved: SCP-5008-Modus
Personnel Involved: N/A
Report Filed By: A. Clef
Priority: Ekhi, or whatever the fuck it is we're using now.

I went into the clockworks chamber after hours (no, I'm not telling you why) and saw that some fuckwit left its containment seal undone.I mean, this is literally a hundred thousand dollar magnetic door, protecting a goddamn telepathic brick. How the fuck

So anyway I had a look at the thing. The platekeys that had been left on, specifically, were numbers 21,7 43,8 and 221.9 Some egghead will just attach what they all mean so anyone reading this won't need to look them up.

We didn't find out who was in there. The access log only showed scheduled visits for the past… forever, actually. Like with any security breach in 01, the Hand was practically carrying people out of that whole sector that day.

Miles was the first thaumatologist I managed to get in for a look at the thing. He told me over lunch the next day that, going by the power usage in the time the clockwork was unaccounted for, the platekeys had been left running in that configuration at least several hours. Typically, maintenance has no goddamn clue how they didn't notice a surge in that time.


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