Incident Report 001 05 Ex

Date: ██/██/19██

Location: Site-128 (Coordinates ██-██.█-██.█)

Event Type: LK (Localized Crisis)

Description: Event occurred upon the death of SCP-001-05 at 22:12, local time. MTF squads stationed at Site-41, Site-98, and Site-203 were deployed in response. Liquidation protocols for all items within Site-128 were authorized at 22:15.

Resultant Anomalies

UAP-████ - Self-replicating substance similar in composition to clay. Upon contact with a vertebrate organism, the substance would mold around the host, overwriting the host’s behavior. Without nearby hosts, substance would spread along ground or coalesce into large masses.
UAP-████ - Eight-winged entity with avian and cephalopodan traits, measuring 70 meters in wingspan and 45 meters tall. Would manifest swarms of entities outwardly similar to crows or ravens, measuring approximately 3 meters in length.
UAP-████ - A series of one hundred and nine great cubicuboctahedrons, measuring approximately a meter in width. Air temperature in a radius of twenty meters of the objects would rise to over 250 º C. Affected areas would immediately cool after exiting the area of effect. Objects were capable of flight at approximately twenty-five kilometers an hour.
Nine reported Class-3 Biological Revival Scenarios.
Widespread civilian reports of spontaneous ritualistic cannibalism.
Anomalous weather patterns extending approximately 110 km out from the initial event site. Rainfall contained high amounts of fatal pathogens, including Zaire ebolavirus, Escherichia coli, and Variola major.
Disappearance of SCP-1348. See Document 001-EX.
Recovery Efforts: Ourobouros Protocol initiated at 22:23, completing at 21:00. Protocol was carried out at 97 % efficiency.

Foundation casualties: 1350
Items lost: 27
Estimated civilian casualties: 10000

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