Incident Report 001 012 Rc Ex

Date: ██/██/20██

Location: [REDACTED], Islamic Republic of Eastern Samothrace

Event Type: LK (Localized Crisis)

Description: Recovery of SCP-001-12 was engaged at 07:31, local time. Subject was reluctantly cooperative. At 07:43, operatives from GOI-03 “The Chaos Insurgency” attacked the recovery team. SCP-001-12 was severely injured during the event, along with Agents ████ and ████████. SCP-001-12 was generally incoherent from this point, displaying signs of glossolalia: the extent of the subject's coherent statements was recorded as follows.

They're hungry, you see…gnaws and bites and claws and crunch crunch crunch…old food is better than no food, see? They're very hungry and keep getting hungrier.

Recovery team was attacked a second time at 08:15, resulting in the death of SCP-001-12.

Resultant Anomalies

UAP-████ - Semi-amorphous tetrapedal entity measuring approximately 50 m in height and 200 m in length. Entity was resistant to conventional weaponry.
Spontaneous consumption of individuals by large masses of maggots (species unknown).
Flash flooding consisting of a mixture of 2% chocolate milk, crude oil, chicken broth, and rabbit feces.
Reappearance of SCP-1348. See Document 001-EX for notable alterations.
Recovery Efforts: Nuclear deployment authorized by the Board of Overseers at 08:17. Ourobouros Protocol initiated at 08:46, completing at 07:30. Protocol was carried out at 61 % efficiency.

Notes: The Islamic Republic of Eastern Samothrace has been classified as SCP-1173 on account of reality instability caused by flaws in the operation of Ourobouros Protocol.

Foundation casualties: 8
Estimated Chaos Insurgency casualties: 25
Estimated civilian casualties: 175,000

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