Guide For New Recruits

Welcome to the Red Right Hand.

We are so glad you could join us here! This is your guide for how to become a full-fledged member here in a relatively painless process. So just follow along and you'll be there in no time.

Joining the site:

  • FIRSTOFF: WE HAVE AN AGE LIMIT OF 15. This is because there is some disturbing stuff in here and we expect the level of maturity shown by the majority of this age group. If you're under 15, we'll know. Don't even reason that you can handle said disturbing stuff — it's not for you.
  • You do not have a Wikidot account

No worries! If you don't have a Wikidot account you can sign up for one free! Just go to the top right-hand corner of the screen and press: "Create account" and follow instructions from there! You can then proceed to the next step below.

  • You have a Wikidot account already

Good job! Time to go to this page. Follow the instructions there to write your application to join.

Your application has to include the following:

  • Your age (Again, our minimum age limit is 15 years old)
  • A reason for joining

But wait! there are still some other things you should know before you go off on your journey! Scroll down!

Site Behavior and Conduct:

Now we are fair and do want you to enjoy your experience here with us but there are some things which could potentially piss a lot of people off in any situation:

The most basic rule

Be courteous to others

One other thing

The Alpha-1 red right hand is a fictional concept. The site is a collaborative creative writing endeavor made to create stories. So don't go around handing pamphlets to people about the Haos Doctrine.

Disrespecting authority

Like any Wikidot site, we have people here whose job is to run things and make sure that everything is a-ok for the site. That doesn't mean you can go rampant and ignore a staff member when they tell you to stop what you are doing. Listen to staff when they ask you to calm down or stop whatever you are doing. Remember, the more irritable and obnoxious you are, the less patience you get from us.

Spam/Excessive Posting

No. Spam won't be tolerated, and if we find you posting spam links on posts or articles, you will be banned and removed from Wikidot.

Now, let's move on to excessive posting.

  • There's no need to update every 2 minutes so everyone will see every single improvement you have made to such and such.
  • Don't post something random in the wrong area of the wiki, be it an article or a thread in the forums. That makes us feel you have no idea what you are doing which at times, can be disconcerting.

Up-voting your own articles:

You shouldn't upvote your own work since its merit is judged by others. Up-voting your own article is something frowned upon, it makes you look petty and no one wants to be branded as such. Also, it seems a bit sad, doesn't it?


Do not roleplay on the forums.

Forum signatures:

You are allowed to have forum signatures here on this site. However, if it contains racial, sexual, or any other inappropriate content, we will require you to change it. Any images above 100px must be collapsed.


We have an age limit of 15. However, we do gauge maturity by the quality of the user's posts and their articles and general behavior. If you act like a child, we will not receive it well, and we'll have to consider disciplinary measures. Think before posting.

Disallowed content:

Yes, the CI wiki is supposed to be very dark and evil, but take into mind that we're just writers and users and we stand by our own ethics (that's only when we're not in-character; in-universe, the CI are terrible, terrible people) so please don't make stuff that's incredibly disturbing or hurtful to other people. On the other end, please try your best to not be offended by anything here. It's all done with no ill intent and only for the sake of writing. We especially dislike:

  • Racist content
  • Inappropriate sexual content
  • Real-life tragedies like the Haitian earthquake, Typhoon Haiyan, Indian Tsunami, Japan's Megaquake, or any others as an experiment done by the Insurgency. It's in bad taste and disrespectful to the people involved.
  • Anything insulting others is unacceptable.
  • Spam will guarantee a huge disciplinary sentence.


We demand decent quality in our content. While generally, you're welcome to give your opinions and critiques about a particular work, about what you love or hate about it, it's better to voice out or give suggestions on what you think could make them better. While it isn't obligatory and you can choose not to, yours may help out in pointing out or evolving on some ideas that the author may have not exploited fully.

When you are criticizing something, whether the work is so good or terribly bad, please say it in a mature, civil, and professional tone. If you send scathing remarks or inappropriate comments (see above pointers), you may discourage or hurt someone (thus pissing off the staff).

For further info, consult our Site Rules

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