What is this?

This is a list of Foundation facilities that have been extensively and/or consistently used across multiple site pages. The entries here are intended as inspiration and a sample of how Foundation facilities might look like and is not intended to be all-inclusive or exhaustive; there are plenty that are either not listed here due to only being used in a few obscure places or are inconsistently used. If you are writing and want to use a facility, you are free to make up your own.

Furthermore, in-universe, inconsistencies can also be explained via disinformation or timeliness of information; Site-06, for example, was not always located in France and is actually explicitly listed as the third such facility to receive the designation. Certain other sites might no longer be in operation or even been deliberately fabricated to mislead agents from rival organizations.

Just how big is the foundation?

This is entirely up to the author. Some choose to believe that the Foundation is very small, consisting of only half a dozen facilities or less and no more than a thousand personnel. Some choose to believe that the Foundation is vastly larger and far-reaching, employing hundreds of thousands of personnel squirreled away in hundreds of facilities around the globe. Neither is incorrect and whatever works better to further your narrative is the one that's appropriate.

Adding New Entries

This list is intentionally kept as short as possible, therefore new entries should only be proposed for addition if they are consistently used across multiple articles and/or by multiple authors in the same manner. Please use the discussion thread for this guide to propose new additions.

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