Goi 3 Kingdom Of Abaddon Locked

Group of Interest File 003

Designation: Kingdom of Abaddon
Threat Level: Very High
Activity Level: Very High
Priority: Level 5

Summation: GOI-003 "Kingdom of Abaddon" is a collection of hostile, anomalous humanoids currently located somewhere in the Sahara Desert, at a location referred to in their manuscripts as the "Citadel of Our God King Abaddon". These humanoids appear similar to human beings in a number of ways, but all instances appear to be at least Class I Reality Bending entities5, with higher ranking individuals reaching Class III and IV classifications. Due to their anomalous qualities, capture and containment of these instances is impossible, and attempting to do so is often exceedingly dangerous.

Initial Discovery: GOI-003 was initially observed by French military personnel in 1912, during an investigation of attacks against a small village in northern Libya. The military convoy was ambushed, resulting in the deaths of 80% of the contingent. Survivors reported an attack by no more than 6 "sorcerers", who were capable of flight and resistant to arms fire. These survivors, and the superiors who witnessed their account, were amnesticized and released.

Foundation personnel first encountered GOI-003 during an attempted raid on a Broken God warehouse in southern Egypt, when MTF Alpha-4 "No Borders" was attacked by a group of anomalous individuals matching the general description given by the French military members. MTF ά-4 was successful in repelling these forces, and managed to capture a lower ranking individual. After processing and interrogation, the true nature of the "Kingdom of Abaddon" was realized, and Foundation Central Command began taking steps to protect the Foundation from the anomalous group.

According to gathered data, the "Kingdom of Abaddon" was originally a group of reality bending entities from Arabia who sought to carve out a nation of their own within the inhospitable Sahara. Because of their nature, they were able to adapt the harsh landscape to their needs, and used the terrain to keep intruders away. Over time, their numbers grew, and new births were brought before the ruler of the kingdom, "God King Abaddon", to be changed into additional reality bending entities.

However, due to inbreeding and other genetic malfunctions that plague their society, GOI-003 is particularly fragile and will likely not last on its own as an independent organization for any longer than 20 years. Collected data implies that Abaddon is aware of this, and is taking steps to assure its future. To this end, a number of Foundation facilities in and around the African continent have come under attack by Kingdom of Abaddon aggressors, who have cost the Foundation no fewer than seventy-five lives thus far, and who have stolen at least 12 different items.

Conclusion: Because of the danger and difficulty involved when confronting Kingdom of Abaddon aggressors, and because of the lack of information regarding their activities, it is advised that no personnel attempt to engage any group without backup from a heavily-armed military contingent. Research into developing methods to combat Abaddon forces is ongoing.

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