Experiment Log 114 A
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Experiment Log 114-A:
Experiments were performed between ██/██/██ and ██/██/██. SCP-114 was placed in a test room with distancing protocols similar to her containment cell. Attending researchers observed through remote electronic means.

Experiment 114-A-1
Procedure: Subjects D-1269 and D-8543 were placed in the test room with SCP-114. No instructions were given.
Results: Subjects did not attempt to interact with SCP-114. After 75 seconds of exposure, D-8543 verbally requested a cigarette from D-1269. D-1269 responded with negative. D-8543 proceeded to shove D-1269 against the wall of the test room. Subjects began fighting with apparent intent to kill. Subjects ignored verbal entreaties to cease. Subjects terminated. Throughout the experiment, SCP-114 watched the proceedings but was visibly unmoved.
Experiment 114-A-2
Procedure: Subjects D-5410 and D-5699 were placed in the test room with SCP-114. A plastic screen was placed across the length of the test room so that subjects were unaware of the presence of SCP-114.
Results: Comparable to experiment 114-A-1. Subjects terminated.
Experiment 114-A-3
Procedure: Subject D-1002 was given a carving knife, stainless steel, 15 cm. Subject was placed in the test room with SCP-114 with orders to kill her.
Results: D-1002 immediately rushed at SCP-114. SCP-114 recoiled, screaming. D-1002 stopped abruptly at approximately half a meter from SCP-114 and dropped the knife. D-1002 stood still for four minutes, growing visibly agitated. At five minutes, D-1002 began yelling incomprehensibly and moving around the room in an unnatural apelike fashion. After eight minutes, D-1002 began banging on the walls with his head and fists. Subject was rendered unconscious. Subject terminated.
Experiment 114-A-4
Procedure: Subject D-4343 was placed in the test room with SCP-114 with orders to remain still. After four minutes, subject was forcibly removed from the room by robotic means.
Results: Subject showed signs of aggression and agitation comparable to experiment 114-A-3. Heart rate was recorded at 210 bpm. Blood tests revealed levels of cortisol and adrenaline impossible without the application of drugs. Subject returned to a normal physical and mental state after approximately fifteen hours.
Experiment 114-A-5
Procedure: Subject D-7258, a native Afghan, was administered a dilute mixture of mild sedatives, anti-depressants, tetrahydrocannabinol, alpha blockers, and beta blockers intravenously. Subject was placed in the test room with SCP-114 and ordered to attempt normal conversation.
Results: D-7258 addressed SCP-114. SCP-114 maintained eye contact with D-7258, but did not respond. After 45 seconds, D-7258 began shivering and shouting. At one and a half minutes after exposure, D-7258 fell to the floor in convulsions. Subject expired after three minutes. Autopsy of the cadaver revealed massive cerebral hemorrhage.

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