Executive Memorandum

To: O5-1
From: O5-2
Date: 2/11/1910
Subject: Update On The Berkshire Sisters


We have transferred the girls to a suitable private institution for their convalescence. Three months have been allotted for them to recover from their ordeal, then the Bates's boarding school shall expect them. The girls shall be housed there in three shared rooms on the fourth floor, together, but separated from the other pupils. We trust that the strange circumstances of their arrival, in the middle of term, with private accommodations, will trigger the suspicions and jealousies typical to females of their age and ensure that they shall be socially as well as physically contained.

Sister Katherine is to accompany them to both places and monitor for any relapses of an theological nature. Brother Aloysius assures me it is of little probability, but he, of course, never believed that we would have to contend with a live birth at all.

By my return, I expect that you shall have rectified the harm you have caused with your wretched machine. If you are as nimble as usual in manipulating the circumstances, you may avoid expulsion from the Council. In the meantime:

May the blind and the deaf guard you,
— Two

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