Event Log Scp 097
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This is a general incident log for SCP-097 for the cycle between 09/01/████ and 11/01/████. This is an abridged version; please requisition full individual reports from Dr. Bridge. During this time, four civilian children were captured and returned to their families.

Month/Day/Year Time Event Notes
09/03/████ 09:39 Cameras 3b, 4a, 4c, 5b view child, approx. 4 years of age, walk between tangles of plant matter toward SCP-097-1 over an 8 minute period. Child appeared to be dragging a stuffed animal. Child appeared on footage during review period. No figure was viewed at the time of recording.
09/05/████ 17:33 Human scream heard from within SCP-097, heard throughout the site. On-site personnel described it as possessing a small child’s voice. Sustained for approx. 3 minutes before stopping abruptly. Staff reported feeling as if they were being watched during the event.
09/08/████ - Several “bed sheet ghosts” are seen through various security feeds throughout the day. Would only appear for approx. 1-3 seconds before vanishing again. Staff did not report seeing any anomalous entities first-hand. Patrols doubled for the remaining time in the SCP’s cycle.
09/13/████ 22:19 Unidentifiable singing is heard throughout the Site, persisting for three hours before becoming silent. Recordings reveal songlike gibberish, with up to 30 individual children’s voices singing at any time. Recordings archived for future study.
09/19/████ 14:27 Agent McRoy cuts a pumpkin’s vine with machete; severed vine proceeded to bleed approx. 50 litres of human blood before shriveling. Blood type AB-, no DNA match.
09/24/████ - Overnight, two separate pumpkin patches grew into the rough approximations of humanoid figures, lying on the ground. Destroyed without incident.
09/25/████ 05:17 Agent Long found decapitated, neck against a pumpkin. Disappeared en-route to a restroom break.
09/27/████ 02:50 All light bulbs on-site burn out within a 2 minute period. Critical areas repaired before nightfall.
09/30/████ 12:16 Sudden shift noted in the location of several dozen gourd plants. Time and nature of actual event unknown.
10/01/████ 14:29 Agent Cole accidentally damages and breaks pumpkin during weekly examination of SCP-097. Pumpkin splits open, revealing a complete human child’s skeleton in the fetal position within. Female, approx. 5 years old. No DNA match.
10/02/████ - Twenty-nine (29) freshly decapitated crows (Corvus brachyrhynchos) found outside SCP-097’s containment wall. None.
10/06/████ 06:37 Matured pumpkin plant found to have replaced a potted plant growing inside Dr. Bridge’s office. Indoor plants banned from the Site. Pumpkin incinerated immediately.
10/07/████ 16:50 Agent Matthews falls unconscious during patrol and cannot be awoken until removed from property. Agent reported dreaming of autumn colors and the smell of leaves. Full recovery. Reassigned to desk work pending examination.
10/11/████ 07:38 Research Assistant Sturm reports overwhelming taste and scent of pumpkin permeating her senses. No other personnel report anomaly. Transferred off-site, examination pending.
10/13/████ - Sounds of steady drums playing throughout the day, from 00:00 to 23:59. Source of sound unknown. Recordings archived for future study.
10/17/████ 03:19 Male child, approx. 6 years of age and clad in pyjamas, seen climbing through cornstalks on the eastern end of SCP-097, moving towards SCP-097-01. Lost to SCP-097-01. How the child was able to escape notice by personnel until after he was lost to the SCP is unknown.
10/20/████ 13:07 All personnel within 3.6 kilometres of SCP-097-01 report hallucinations of orange haze and children’s laughter. Personnel evacuated to a distance outside the area of effect. Personnel screened for mental interference.
10/23/████ 00:01 All power and backup power to the area failed. Upon recovery, ███ pumpkins within SCP-097 were found to have changed into carved lanterns. It is unknown how SCP-097 generated and lit candles. Team-097-alpha and -beta tasked to destroy lanterns after sunrise.
10/23/████ 08:13 Team-097-alpha reports seeing and hearing children playing among the flora within SCP-097. Recordings lack the entities expected from the reports. Children noted to be clad in pyjamas. Teams pulled from SCP. Screened for mental interference.
10/25/████ 11:49 Zea mays indurata kernels fall from the sky around SCP-097. Does not fall within containment walls. Area cleansed with flame units and replanted with non-native grasses. Pavement of outside area pending.
10/26/████ 21:13 Research Assistant O’Toole overcome with nausea and vomits pumpkin seeds. O’Toole did not eat pumpkin seeds previous to vomiting. Research Assistant O’Toole transferred to Site ██ for examination. Seeds incinerated with prejudice.
10/27/████ 10:03 Research Assistant O’Toole reported to have died overnight. Autopsy reveals thoracic cavity was filled with pumpkin seeds. Body incinerated at Site ██. All personnel scheduled for full physical examination.
10/28/████ - Unintelligible whispering gibberish heard by fertile female personnel throughout the area when in view of SCP-097. Phenomenon continues throughout the day, continuing for the duration of SCP-097’s cycle, i.e. until Nov 1. Associated personnel removed from duty and scheduled for examination.
10/28/████ 17:45 Headlights of vehicle underneath SCP-097-01 light and stay lit until daybreak. None.
10/29/████ - Fruit trees within SCP-097 blossom over the course of 5 hours beginning at roughly 07:00. Flowers wither and fall soon after. None.
10/29/████ 08:07 Pumpkins near south entrance to SCP-097 began spontaneously bleeding from the stem. Each continued bleeding for three hours. Blood type AB-, no DNA match.
10/31/████ 03:10 Several dozen unidentified spheres of red light viewed drifting above SCP-097 and surrounding area. When light was shone directly on the spheres a piercing shriek was heard. Personnel called into the main building until the spheres dissipated at dawn.
10/31/████ 12:00 Sounds of steady drums are recorded from within SCP-097. Drums persist for the following 12 hours. No source identified. Recordings archived for future study.
10/31/████ 14:19 All strawberry plants within SCP-097 wither in unison. None.
10/31/████ 17:43 Between twenty-five and thirty animate human skeletons of varying size are recorded breaking out of larger pumpkins within SCP-097. Skeletons traverse through SCP-097’s flora to the north-east peach tree and hang themselves from its branches using lengths of grape vine, electrical cable, and decaying rope. Skeletons ceased anomalous behaviour after pantomiming death by hanging; death throes continued for approximately 23 minutes. Skeletons recovered after first frost; all appeared under 12 years of age, no DNA matches. Skeletons incinerated after examination.
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