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Document #087-III: Exploration III

D-9884 is a 23-year old female of average build and appearance. Psychological background indicates a history of depression. Subject has a minimal record of using excessive force to [DATA EXPUNGED]. D-9884 is equipped with a 75 watt flood lamp with battery power capable of lasting 24 hours, a handheld camcorder fitted with a transmission stream, and an audio headset for communication with Dr. ██████ at Control. D-9884 is also equipped with a backpack containing 3.75 litres of water, 15 nutrient bars, and 1 thermal blanket.

D-9884 stands on the ground level landing of SCP-087. The flood lamp illuminates only the first 9 steps. LED lights placed on the wall during the last exploration are not visible.

Dr. ██████: Please descend the first flight and examine the landing wall.

D-9884 descends 13 steps and stops at the landing. There is no trace of the LED light at the location footage from Exploration II indicates it was placed.

D-9884: Yeah, um, it's just a dirty, concrete wall. There's like nothing on it. No, wait. It's a little bit sticky right here.

D-9884 indicates the spot on the wall the LED light should have been located.

D-9884: There's a child crying down there! She's [pause] she's begging for help and crying.
Dr. ██████: Thank you. Please continue down the steps until you notice anything unusual.

D-9884 descends. Upon reaching the next landing, audio of the crying child consistent with the prior two explorations is picked up. No LED lights appear to be present on any of the landing walls. D-9884 continues with no incident until she reaches the 17th landing.

D-9884: Eww, there's something on the ground here and it smells really bad. It's all sticky and stuck on my shoe. Ugh, it's so gross.

Video feed confirms presence of substance occupying a space approximately 50 centimeters in diameter.

Dr. ██████: Can you describe the scent?
D-9884: Uh… It kinda smells like old rusty metal and pee.
Dr. ██████: Thank you. Please continue until you notice anything else.

D-9884 continues to the 51st landing without incident. The 51st landing remains unchanged from the previous expedition, and similar observations are made. D-9884 is asked again to descend until anything unusual is noticed. Subject continues her descent until the 89th landing is reached. The video feed jerks and the subject yells.

D-9884: Ahh, fuck! There's a hole in the ground and I almost fell in.

Video feed confirms the presence of a hole approximately 1 meter in diameter. The subject shines the floodlight down, revealing only blackness. Approximately 4 seconds pass, and a light of an indeterminate distance down the hole flicks on for approximately 2 seconds and then back off.

D-9884: There was a light down there! It's gone now, but it was on for like a second! Did you see it?
Dr. ██████: Yes. Can you estimate the depth of this hole?
D-9884: No way. It's too deep. At least a kilometer. Like, way more than a kilometer.
Dr. ██████: Thank you. Can you still hear the sounds of the child?
D-9884: Uh huh. She still sounds far away. I don't feel like I'm getting any closer. It's like for every step I take, she takes one down.
Dr. ██████: Please continue down until you encounter anything unusual.

D-9884 continues to descend SCP-087 for approximately an hour, covering an additional 164 flights. She stops to rest on the 253rd landing, consuming 1 nutrient bar and several gulps of water. D-9884 is at an estimated 1.1 kilometers below the initial landing, yet the sound of the child has not changed in volume. After pausing for 4 minutes, D-9884 resumes her descent, making no stops for another 216 flights, 1.5 hours later. D-9884 is on the 469th landing, an approximate 1.8 km below the ground level.

D-9884: I'm not getting anywhere. I think it's time I went back. I mean, going down is one thing, but this is a long climb back.
Dr. ██████: You have been provided with food, water, and blankets to last you 24 hours. Please continue down.
D-9884: No, I think I'm gonna go back up.

D-9884 turns toward the previous flight of stairs.

D-9884: I - [screams]

SCP-087-1, the face, is directly behind D-9884, blocking her ascent. The face appears approximately 30 centimeters from the lens of the camera; its eyes are fixed directly on the lens, this time looking not at the subject but the person viewing the video feed. The video feed glitches and freezes for 4 seconds, accompanied by a static-like screeching noise from the audio feed. It then cuts to bumpy visuals of D-9884 descending the stairs rapidly.

D-9884: [panicked and hysterical] It's been following me! This whole time it's been right behind me oh God it's right behind me it was looking right at me! Dr. ██████ please do something please help me oh God no please get it away please no please I knew it was following me help make it leave please no it was looking at me it was staring at me it knew I was here it's been watching me this whole time oh God please help me no please [this continues in a similar fashion until the end.]

D-9884 continues to scream and plead hysterically as she rapidly descends the staircase. The previously heard static-like screeching seems to overlay the audio feed, beneath which can still be heard the original sound of the crying child. Approximately 14 flights down, the video feed swings to show the area directly behind D-9884. The face is now approximately 20 centimeters from the camera lens. It is not staring at the subject; rather it is fixated on the camera lens, giving the illusion it is making eye contact with those viewing the footage. It is important to note that since the sighting of SCP-087-1, the sound of the girl crying and pleading has been increasing in volume, indicating D-9884 is nearing the source. After an approximate 150 panicked flights of descent with 3 visual confirmations of SCP-087-1 still in pursuit, D-9884 trips and appears to fall unconscious. Audio feed indicates strong proximity to the source of the crying. The static and screeching noise continue. Video feed shows yet another descending flight of stairs, indicating D-9884 still has not reached the base of the stairwell. 12 seconds of motionlessness pass before the face comes in full view of the camera, eye contact being made directly with the viewer.

Audio and video feeds cut out, and no connection is reestablished.

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