Document 030 C Security Logs For Scp 030

9/14/████: Tracking system installed for SCP-030.

12/21/████: SCP-030 reports malfunction of its own tracking system. Repairs completed within six (6) hours. SCP-030 offers to assist, but is refused for security purposes.

3/13/████: SCP-030 completes 18-week seminar on Unknown Language Alpha ("Zephyr"), five (5) staff researchers considered fluent. Lexicography transmitted to O5-█.

7/2/████: While in consultation, Researcher ██████████ inadvertently makes several remarks regarding photovoltaic technology. Consultation ended before the researcher can substantively elaborate.

8/12/████: SCP-030 requests a supply of Magnesium and indicates it intends to ignite samples to study the light produced. Request denied by researchers.

11/14/████: Incident 030-1: Using only what appears to be standard potting soil, ginger (Zingiber officinale), a 72-gram sample of rutilated quartz, and a 23 cm length of coiled copper wire, SCP-030 produces an object/device capable of emitting notable levels of directed ultraviolet light through unknown means. Device is confiscated. Effects not currently replicable without direct intervention from SCP-030. Researchers currently in consultation to determine if this line of SCP-030's research will be permitted to continue. It is speculated SCP-030 may be working towards an alternative and possibly anomalous manifestation of the photoelectric effect after receiving only minimal information regarding its existence. All research by SCP-030 suspended and materials removed pending review.

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