Document 001 Ic 34

The following communique originated within the leadership of GOI-16 "The Horizon Initiative". The message was found alongside item E-7455 during recovery on ██/██/20██.

How do you explain to someone that the world is dying, and that only they may save it?

We have often asked ourselves that question, during the sixty or so years since that faithful day in Jerusalem, and entertained different notions on the most effective ways to do so. Fifty years ago, we were Elijah, full of bluster and wrath, calling upon our less faithful brothers to rally to the Thirty-Six’s cause, using fear to further our goals. Thirty years ago, we were Isaiah, seeking to strengthen our less courageous brothers that with the conviction that our cause was just, speaking of the greatness of our task, using their new found confidence to build an order on which our goals could stand. Ten years ago, we were Jeremiah, weeping at the doors of the world’s great powers, pleading for them to listen, for we now understood that this task was beyond our power alone.

And now? Now we are Jonah, and are lost for words. How do we make you understand what is at stake, when the only way you could see is to let everything your organization ever did go for the word of three old men? That is too much to ask even of righteous men, and we are not yet certain you are such. All we can ask is that you listen.

You have seen what the Thirty-Six can do. You have seen the way the world unravels around them, but you do not understand why. You see them as just another entry in your great book of diseases, a threat to the wholeness of the body you keep- the world. It is not so. The items and phenomena you keep hidden from the world are not diseases, they are symptoms, and you are not keeping the world healthy by masking them when the underlying condition is ignored. The problem is that this condition is chronic. The world is simply old, and the Thirty-Six… they might make it young again.

For them to be able to do so, you will be required to make the ultimate sacrifice- you must relinquish your identity. You were made to secure, and we are asking you to trust in the unproven. You were made to contain, and we are asking you to release. You were meant to protect, and we are asking you to leave the world vulnerable. It is an impossible request, this we know. But you must fulfill it if there is to be any hope for us. Release the Thirty-Six, let them come together. Let them do what needs to be done, and we shall follow.

Help three old men make the world young again. Don't let it die.

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