Collected Foundation Correspondences And Notices Locked

Date: 02/01/26
To: Omega-5 Team Lead
From: Administrator Williams

I have heard the good news of your success with Project 001, and cannot express to how important this is. We will finally be able to put an end to Abaddon, and be able to better protect ourselves in the future. To this end, I am eternally grateful.

However, I must admit my concerns about you specifically, O5-1. Your recent letters have been troubling, in spite of your successes. I have no doubt that you are the most qualified man to lead the Omega team, but I understand if the stress of the endeavor has taken a toll on you. I know it has with me. Regardless, once this is all over, I'm prepared to promote you to Director of the newly constructed Site 19, after you've taken some time to recuperate, of course. We can discuss the details when I see you next month, once we've taken care of Abaddon.


Administrator Williams

Date: 02/14/26
To: Foundation Central Command
From: Omega-5 Team Lead

I am fine, Administrator. The project is finished. We will complete our task when you arrive

Issued by Foundation Central Command
Date: 03/21/26
Subject: Administrator Williams

Foundation Administrator R. D. Williams has been murdered. A general warrant has been released for the capture of his killer and his killer's accomplices, Dr. ███ █████, Dr. ████████ ████, Dr. ████ ██████, Dr. █████ ██████, and Agent ██ ████. These individuals are believed to be armed and highly dangerous, and may possess a number of dangerous anomalous items. If you have information regarding the location of these individuals, please report directly to your Site Director.

A transitory council of administrators has been created, consisting of senior staff members from the Omega-5 Research Team, by order of the late Administrator. This council will oversee Foundation operations until such time as a new governor can be established.

Issued by Foundation Central Command
Date: 03/22/26
Subject: Dissolution of GOI-003 Investigatory Teams

NOTICE: The following MTF investigatory teams are currently considered inactive, and are to report to Site 17 for debriefing:

MTF Alpha-1 "Red Right Hand"

MTF Alpha-2 "All The King's Men"

MTF Alpha-3 "Harvard Boys"

MTF Alpha-4 "No Borders"

MTF Alpha-5 "Band of Brothers"

MTF Alpha-7 "Dark Testimony"

Date: 11/01/26
To: Overwatch Command
From: Director Harrison, Site 23
Subject: Site 23 Scouting Report

My boys just came back with the reports. I'll send the pictures they took along with this letter, but I still can't believe it. It's all gone. Just desert that goes on for an eternity. Like they were never even there.

I had them check, and you were right. No bodies. There shouldn't be any, should there?

Regardless, I don't know what devil you had to make a deal with, but thank you.


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