Carnifex Carl
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Black Queen Treble, reporting in.
You may call me Aleison Chaoley, Black Queen Babalon.
this is black queen fnord
And I'm Black Queen Smoke.


Carnifex Carl is a reality-bender who combines his "type-green" abilities with Sarkic Carnomancy. The combination of thaumatology and reality-bending is always powerful, and Carnomancy is one of the most dangerous magics out there—watch out for this guy if you encounter him. This is likely the same combination that Grand Karcist Ion was gifted with, although "Carnifex Carl" does not have the same magnitude of power. By the by, could we possibly rename this file? It seems undignified, given the threat he usually presents. We could, but Treble and I are the ones with admin privileges on this file, and we both like the name how it is.


The existence of some form of Carnomancy, usually—although not always—descended from the Proto-Adytite tradition through the Nälka faith. Sufficiently low reality-stability to support a reality-bender of moderate power—relative to my own universe (Μ-06), this means an ambient Hume level less than about 25. we gotta figure out a more universal unit than local humes for measuring reality thickness We could always choose a "baseline" universe to measure from. yeah but then were picking favorites and it gets to be a whole thing u know. anyway im sure well figure smthin out.


Could make a powerful thaumaturgic ally, if he could be reasoned with. yeah but thats usually not an option bc hes like a sarkic murdercultist or w/e Some of my best friends are "Sarkic murdercultists", but I understand your point.


usually has a human-normal memeplex and is vulnerable to standard memetic agents Like most type-greens, most easily taken by surprise. I took out my universe's instance (see below) with a drone strike. His reality-bending can usually be dealt with via Scranton Anchors or equivalents, but then he still has his flesh-warping to fall back on; Treble's suggestion is probably the best bet.

Instance: Timeline G-674:

He is currently contained by the Foundation, although I am not sure of his SCP designation. His birth name was Karl Andersson; he was an infamous serial killer, known in the media as "Cannibal Carl" and the "California Cannibal". He targeted other reality-benders, killing and consuming them in rituals designed to absorb their powers and life forces; by the time he was finally contained by the Foundation, he had successfully absorbed the powers of at least three others, making him a force to be reckoned with. The Foundation has him contained with Scranton Anchors and something they call a "Lang Siphon"—looks like it sucks up EVE as quickly as it's produced, so he can't use any of his magic.

Instance: Timeline S-106:

This is from my timeline. Birth name "Charles Brosnan", alias "Ozirmok Yeshua ben Ion". Leader of the Covenant of Hunger, a Millenarian Neo-Sarkic cult based out of Temecula, California. Claimed to be the second coming of Ion, and was planning on raising an army to invade Los Angeles and transform it into the "new Adytum". hey fuck i live there thats not cool Don't worry, he was taken out by a drone strike while inspecting his troops—see S-106 GOC Casefile LTE-3144-Bluegreen-Moreau.

Instance: Timeline E-23:

this universe got p fucked by this dude. called himself carolus the immortal, mightve been their version of charlemagne but im not sure, theres a weird time displacement relative to most other worlds. conquered europe in like the late 700s, got north africa and the middle east too, right now its like 1200 and hes working his way across asia. Do you have any more information on his specific abilities? i had to leave p quick bc of the black plague but i think hes not actually sarkic? Can confirm—in this timeline, the Daevite empire was never founded, so the whole Adytum thing never happened. His Carnomancy is actually theurgic in nature, following a Christian heresy where they use literal flesh and blood rather than transubstantiation.

Instance: Timeline F-3011:

This one is named Siarl Emrys. Another universe with a time-lag, looks like he's a resistance leader in Roman Britain. Practices some combination of proto-Sarkicism and Druidry, including a wicker man ritual that, instead of burning the sacrifices, melds them together into one horrific flesh-monster under his control. His reality-warping isn't very powerful, so it only works on ley line intersections, or in other places where the fabric of reality is thin; currently, the Romans have locked down a lot of those places, including Stonehenge, and he's had to relocate pretty frequently. With that name, could he be the Merlin-equivalent for this universe? No, this universe is still in the first century CE; Merlin won't come around for at least another two hundred years.

Instance: Timeline B-173:

Known as "Chaz Ambrose". Runs a chain of restaurants specializing in dishes with anomalous properties. Reality-bending apparently limited to food-preparation and possibly agriculture; "granola Sarkic" background unconfirmed but likely. Seems like a pretty chill dude—ate at one of his restaurants once, had a good time. wait thats it hes just a normal magic chef not like a cannibal chef or smthing? I agree that it seems unlikely that this version is so… Benign, given the tendencies of his alternates. Well, you know what they say: don't judge a cook by his brothers! … … god i fuckin hate u

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