Addendum 5008-1: SCP-5008-Prime

SCP-5008-Prime was discovered by independent Hellenistic archaeological prospectors in the month of Corvus in 1-1938,3 at a location which now corresponds to a point ██ kilometers [REDACTED] of Alexandria, Egypt. The site was acquired under eminent domain by the Treasury of the Hellenistic Potentate4 and subsequently designated a historical heritage site. It was not until 1-1944 that the Foundation's Secret Consulate for North African nations was able to obtain access in return for the relaxation of economic sanctions from other nations.

SCP-5008-Prime had not originally been considered to be a point of interest related to any of the ancient anomalous cultures of the Middle East, but inspection quickly proved otherwise.

► Report To The Overseers 1
► Report To The Overseers 2
► Report To The Overseers 3
► Report To The Overseers 4
► Report To The Overseers 5
► Overseer Council Emergency Session Transcript EXCERPTED
Addendum 5008-2: Development of SCP-5008

SCP-5008-Modus was subsequently transferred to O5-1-0's residence in [REDACTED] for analysis and reverse engineering. The recovery, translation, transfer, and destruction of the remainder of the "Erikesh Codex" proceeded until 1-1957,5 at which point SCP-5008 came into occasional use as a Thaumiel class SCP object. It was not until the 1-1970s that research into mechanized thaumatology enabled SCP-5008's use on a scale concomitant with most serious information security breaches, and several decades more until it was capable of cognitive management on a scale effective in a K-Class Scenario.6

Over centuries of use, however, abnormalities in SCP-5008's operations became more and more readily apparent. For instance, the risk of brain hemorrhage that had almost entirely been alleviated since its earliest days of operation began to recur. Additionally, use of SCP-5008 was linked to outbreaks of a number of anomalous psychological conditions among populations targeted by it, as well as various undesirable ideological and ideatic developments among said populations. Some related materials are compiled below:

► Incident Report 5008-α
► Site-01 Internal Memorandum
► Recovered Text Messages
► Incident Report 5008-Δ
► Executive Memorandum

► Notice From REDACTED Site-01 Fileserv Administrator

1. Site-01 internal designation denoting the first individual to hold a given Overseer position.
2. Disassembly of SCP-5008-Modus has not allowed for its reverse engineering, but appears not to have affected its functioning after reassembly.
3. Site-01 internal designation denoting the year 1938 AD of the second iteration of history.
4. See Site-01 Internal Archives: Low J., January 12th ██-2014, "Parahistorical Cultures Of The [REDACTED] Cycle, Volume 1."
5. Other sections of the Codex continued to be recovered from other sources until and after SCP-5008 was upgraded to to its present configuration in ██-2155. It is believed that other sections remain uncontained, primarily in the hands of parareligious organizations associated with the mythos of the so-called "Scarlet King."
7. kanam, meaning: "sky," "moon," "white," "female," etc.
8. usheq, meaning: "dark," "night," "unseen," "hidden," etc.
9. altab, meaning: "sound," "voice," "pain," howl," etc.
10. Here, Researcher Leyton uploaded an image of then unknown cognitohazardous Erikeshan text. However, similarities between it and sections of the known Codex enabled cellular data crawlers to flag this conversation as suspicious. The crime scene and serial murder investigation was subsequently contained.
11. Slang term for a part of SCP-5008 that utilizes spacetime deformations to help guide its telepathic signals.
12. A "Keeper's Wheel," a type of Erikeshan magic circle used for any of a variety of purposes.

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