Access Scp 003

Transcript of Incident Report A21-B Cycle 8. For dissemination to O5 Command and Staff.

Interviewers: ██████████, █████, and ███████████
Present: O5-2, O5-5, O5-7, O5-10, and Staff
Interviewed: Dr. Tilda David Moose, M03-Gloria Lead

Excerpt 35A

She tried to talk to us. We all heard her voice in our heads, in a sort of half-language we couldn't fully understand. Some of the others passed out immediately. I lasted a little longer, but it wasn't because of mental fortitude. It's just that she was trying to tell us different things.

She showed Jones a replay of all the memories of everything Jones ever felt anything about. All over the course of a few minutes. She ripped three of the researchers apart and put them back together unharmed. She doesn't understand human emotion, or pain. Or very much about how we experience the world.

Yes, I would say the containment procedures are necessary.

Listen, she wants to remake the world. Into a paradise. A paradise filtered through her own alien understanding of paradise, but still, a paradise designed for us. For humanity. She would be happy to make a paradise for any sufficiently complex organism she comes across first. Anything with a complex enough mind to accept her. Say, a dog. Or a housefly.

If she breaches again, we have to be there first.

What would it be like? I don't know. She showed us images — not quite images. I can see them in my head, but they're not pictures. The closest thing I can think of is what you see when you close your eyes suddenly and tightly, but brighter and more complex. The images had metallic sounds associated with them, and sensory details that we don't have the words or concepts to describe.

The whole effect felt like words of some kind. I believe she wanted to see what we could understand, so she could understand us.

She didn't have time to finish analyzing us. I don't know what would have happened if she had.

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