Before the advent of logic, we were kept as the Best Of The Best. We were Trained, Upgraded and sworn to oath.

Mobile Task Force ALPHA-1 is sworn to protect the world and foundation by any means necessary. Wether it is deporting an entire country to a cloned earth or evaporating life from a country.


The Red Right Hand

General Description

MTF-Alpha-1 ("Red-Right-Hand") Task Force Mission: Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 is a task force that reports directly to the O5 Council and is used in situations that require the strictest operational security. The task force consists of the Foundation's best and most loyal operatives.

Items retrieved by the Task Force must be useful and exploitable, as to further the Foundations' goals in Securing. Containing. Protecting The Task Force also deals in weapons running and intelligence gathering, and is allied to Third World countries, ensuring that the populations and state of those countries are kept in protection and safety, to continue its easy conscription of personnel and test subjects, funding and technology. Leaders of these countries will not pay the Foundation to do all this, in return, the Foundation promises that those countries will be the first to be a better humanity.

The Task Force organization is divided, decentralized but connected and allied, so in the event of even half or seven-eighths of the Task Forces being destroyed, they are still self-sufficient and capable of fast rebuilding. This has become the pride of the Foundation, as it shows that our cause is unstoppable and that our operators are committed in blood.


Overview of Objectives

To obtain objects and organisms with anomalies that we can use to our advantage; to understand them and use our knowledge to our benefit; to show the world to embrace and accept these anomalies; to guide them towards the next step in human evolution; to make us stronger as an Insurgency; to help us reach our goal of a better humanity.

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