A Legend Of Low Birth

"You ever wonder if we've kinda lost what the Chaos Insurgency fights for?"
Several men sit in a barrack, together, enjoying a meal, lightly celebrating their accomplishment the previous day. One man is throwing a bouncy ball at a wall and catching it on the way back.

"What do you mean?" the man bouncing the ball replied, "We won, wasn't that the point?"

"Yeah, but that's just what Marcus tells us. You can't believe whatever Marcus says, Eric."

"Yeah but he's the leader, aren't we supposed to? He says our job is to destroy the Foundation, by any means necessary, and that just makes sense, doesn't it?"

"Well, yeah, but why? The way people explained it to me, we're here to take down some batshit shadow organization that does bad stuff sometimes. I just joined because they were promising room and board."

"Poser. I know what I joined for. The tyranny of the Foundation has gone too far!"

"Why do you even care? I didn't even know the Foundation existed until I joined."

"Well, because… I was told they did bad stuff? It was totally true so who cares?"

Eric tosses the ball up to John McElroy, the man he was talking to. John starts to talk but is interrupted by a ball landing on his face.

"As I was trying to say before you hit me, are we even really fighting the Foundation anymore?" John asked, "Because it feels like we're just letting Daddy Marcus get a promotion."

"Don't shit on Marcus. Man's a legend now. Did you see how he spooked that old guy and got the all-clear out? The man was terrifying, I would follow that guy to hell, he would probably take the piss out on Satan himself."

"Can you two shut the fuck up?" the man on the bottom bunk, Timothy said, "I'm trying to get some sleep here and it's hard to do without you sucking our glorious leader's dick."

"Fuck off Tim, I'm trying to talk to John." Eric shot back, and turned back to John, "I heard some stories about Marcus from some of the other guys, wanna hear?"

John grunted in the affirmative, clearly annoyed, and tossed the ball back to Eric.

"Spill it," Tim said, moving his head away from his pillow, "Let's hear these stories."

"Ooh, look at Sir Tim here, stepping off of his podium to listen to the commoners." Eric sneered.

"I just want to hear how bullshit the story is, that's all."

"Sure, sure. So anyway, I heard he grew up in the slums…"

He was the son of a biker and a prostitute. Unlike most, his father, Adrian, actually cared for him. He had taught Marcus how to use one of them weird ground bikes even at the young age of eight. Marcus was a natural, and despite his father being poor as dirt, he was living a good life. That was until Marcus's mother left them and made Adrian turn to have his gang sell drugs.

His father thought of himself as a freedom fighter and was a noble and thoughtless one at that. He led his motorcycle gang with honor, only dealt in light psychedelics to make ends meet, like Sparkle or Glib. But his crew received a shipment of Glib that was a little different, and instead of making you feel all floaty and nice, it gave you wings.

"Alright, what the hell?" John interrupted, "That makes no sense. We've all tried Glib right? Yeah, it makes you kinda feel like you're flying but that doesn't mean it gives you wings."

"I don't know, this is just what I was told." Eric replied, "Maybe the guy making it didn't understand what they meant by floaty. It was apparently a bootleg version of the drug or something. But anyways…"

Every dealer knows you aren't supposed to sample the product right? Well, that's just what one of Adrian's men did when he was preparing to sell the drug to people. Of course, because of this weird bootleg, he got wings, and Adrian made damn sure to recall all samples of the drug before they were sold. The guy with the wings, his name was Leblanc by the way, was actually able to fly, and before you call bullshit, remember what kinda weird shit they got locked up here and stop questioning it.

Well, Foundation must've caught some wind of a dude with wings and they caught Leblanc while Adrian was sleeping. Naturally, this made Adrian pissed as hell, and he went to go save them. See, Adrian already knew about the Foundation, cuz he used to be a D-Class that escaped death and amnestization.

"You're making us suspend an awful amount of disbelief, Eric." Tim chortled, bemusedly.

"Seriously, Tim, I'm just going off what people told me. So after that…"

Adrian is about to get on his bike but he remembers that he might die trying to get his man back. So he goes and wakes up Marcus, and the man tells him, "I might die today. And if I do, I want you to destroy that god-forsaken Foundation. Raze it to the ground. Do it for your old man."

Marcus of course accepts, and his dad gives him a spare set of keys to the motorcycle. Then, while Marcus watches, Adrian rides out into the night, armed only with a shotgun, never to see his son again.

Adrian never came home, and the motorcycle went missing. Now, Marcus is on a quest to destroy the Foundation and reclaim his father's motorcycle. That motorcycle he loved so much is probably gone, but he still holds out hope that he'll see it one last time.

Eric's eyes waver and water a bit as he says the last line of his story. John and Tim look on in a state of disbelief at the man getting emotional over the story he told.

"Are… you crying?" Tim asked.

"He never saw that motorcycle again, you can't blame me for getting a little emotional." Eric explained, "That poor man, I understand his conviction."

"I don't really trust the guy, but I heard something different, and a little less melodramatic," John interjected.

"Oh boy, let's hear your version," Tim replied.

"His birth is of no importance, he was just poor…"

But what he was, was an anomaly. That's right, Marcus has superpowers. I mean, did you see him talking to 13? Not even torture could break that guy, yet Marcus just talking to him broke his spirit. That's because Marcus can influence minds. He probably has crazy powers of persuasion, so much so that the Foundation noticed and captured him.

Those bastards probably tortured him for months, testing out his abilities. Marcus just wanted to live a normal life, but they took that from him. They lied to him and told him he could eventually go home, but that was a lie to try to keep him compliant. Eventually, he snapped. But Marcus was a calculated, cold-blooded child now. He knew he couldn't just use his powers on the guards, they would have countermeasures for that.

Marcus didn't care about any of his fellow anomalies, but using his abilities he convinced them to stage a break-out. He knew most of them would die in the process, but he would slip away. Because Marcus had a plan. Marcus always has a plan.

"Cliche." Tim muttered from across the room, barely audible.

"Well he does always have a plan, have you seen the guy?" Eric rebutted, "He's had two plans so far and both of them have worked."

"A whole two? Wow, that's incredible. Practically Alexander the Great over here."

"Who? Can I just finish please?"

The breakout was staged for 2 o'clock in the afternoon, during a scheduled research block. See, the guards had these helmets or whatever, and they're made of some sort of lead, which blocked Marcus. But he knew the researchers were negligent in wearing these helmets. So see, what he did was get those other anomalous folks to attack at once and disable the guards. Surprisingly, they succeeded and ran rampant. But Marcus didn't go to escape. He found his mark. A researcher, about his age, probably around 24, and held him hostage.

He had a sort of shiv with him, Marcus did. But despite how he hated the Foundation, and how he wanted to escape, he hesitated. But not for long. Marcus plunged the knife into the researcher. In that moment, Marcus made his decision. The Foundation was his enemy, and he would do anything to stop them. He stole the researcher's clothes and burned the body, with his clothes on the body. Using the full extent of his powers, he managed to convince everybody that he wasn't Marcus, but the researcher. It worked. All of the Foundation's technology and they still lost to a simple anomalous ruse.

From there he rose up the ranks. It was a shame that "Marcus" had died but he got reassigned. Proving himself to be trustworthy he got close to O5-6 and seduced her, becoming her secretary. But for all of that time, he was working for us, and nobody knew.

Until now.

"What a fantastic story, John." Tim responded, "It is just a story though."

"Hey man, it could be true." John replied, indignant, "Have you seen him? I'm sure he's anomalous. Why do you keep yelling at us when you don't know either?"

"Because I do know. I knew his roommate. He went to Pike's Peak college, majored in Business Sciences. He had a normal life. The man is just ambitious, he wants to become as powerful as possible, and as soon as he figured he couldn't rise higher in the Foundation, he turned on them. He's veritably crazy but smart. But all in all…"

"He's just a normal guy."

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